05 March 2012

Music Monday: Science is Real

This last week of light posting has been brought to you by a failed oatmeal muffin recipe. I am working on an oatmeal muffin recipe for Lunch in the Park, because we learned last week that Kate makes oatmeal muffins which are so good as to earn her good karma. My last attempt was utterly meh, though my boys ate them happily. I will go back to the drawing board and tweak the formula again.  That is what recipes are, of course, they're chemical formulas and when I try a new baked good I'm doing a bit of science. My last experiment did not produce the expected results, so I have to go change my procedure.

I should note that I'm doing all of this work myself and not relying on my mother to do it. That's how science experiments are supposed to be done.  There's a mother at my sons' preschool who doesn't seem to grasp this, and so she weekly regales me with the tales of woe that result from her older son's science project in which she, the mother, must be up to all hours of the night designing, performing, recording and finally typing up the experiment.  Never mind that every time she talks to me about it I say "Why are you doing any of this? Your son should be doing all this! You're not doing him any favors!" You would think that would, if not encourage her to let her son do the work, at least discourage her from complaining to me about it.  But no.

Science is real, folks, and you should let your kids try it for themselves.


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