26 December 2013

Post Prandial Round Up

A Christmas Feast:
(Maud started it.)

The most important part is the julekake for breakfast, which we had with scrambled eggs. Well, the most important part is to play with the presents.

But julekake is a close second.

 I also made enough to share with everyone in the known universe.

My dough bucket overfloweth.
Well, not yet, but soon after this picture was taken.
Sausages: I sent the husband to the store with a list which said bangers and he returned with a variety of flavors of pork and chicken sausage, none of which could be said to be banger-like.

People ate them anyway. It seemed fine.

Potatoes: What can go wrong with potatoes, cream, cheese and garlic? Nothing, except when you don't read the recipe properly ahead of time and find out it has to cook for 90 minutes, not 60.  Dinner was a bit late.

Carrots: Gingered, as before. Went off without a hitch. 

Brussels Sprouts: Shredded, with the food processor which I wouldn't have thought of myself. V told me about it on Christmas Eve and I sent two pounds of the beauties through the shredding blade lickety-split. It was delightful. I sautéed them with bacon. My sister tells me she likes to do hers in the oven with a bit of bacon pre-cooked, 15 mintutes and they're ready to go she says, and who am I to argue?

Molasses cookies: Deep, rich, gingery and moist.

Lovely. My grandfather always had Archway Molasses cookies around, and I loved them as a child. I love them still in memory, but they are, objectively, not good. These cookies are good, and while they're very grown up, my children both liked them.

Hot cider: cranberries, orange, clove, cinnamon, ginger.

No one else drank it. Most of it went back into the jug and is now outside because the bottle doesn't fit in the refrigerator and the outside is cold enough to be a refrigerator. I think the last time I made a crock-pot full of spiced cider was 2004, when I also offered a crock of mulled wine. People drank the wine, but not the cider. I must remember to stop offering cider to people who don't want it. I must also find some people who do want it so I can make it.


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