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"Lifelike and captivating. I read this book on a three hour train ride and couldn't put it down!"

" . . . charming and endearing and I wanted to keep reading to the end."
Dragons may not be real, but Kate fights them anyway. Kate had always taught her niece that when a dragon comes along, you slay it yourself. She rescued herself Priscilla, her students, her friends, and everyone else who loved and depended on her on a daily basis.

When a yellow Labrador bounded into her picnic in the park, Kate's life got even more complicated. She almost forgot that you don't always have to do the rescuing alone.

" . . . a deceptively straightforward novel that reels you in and keeps you reading till the end."

Lunch in the Park, a novel about love and family, is available for sale in multiple electronic formats at Smashwords, for the Kindle at and for the Nook at Wherever you buy it, it is DRM-free. The delicious recipes that Kate and Jeff cook up are right here on my blog.

Lunch in the Park is what I usually refer to as 'a quiet book.' It's a window into the life and mind of one woman as she figures out the key to -- not having it all -- but having what she desires most: love, in all its glorious and scary forms. And learning how to loosen her grip on things a little to let someone else share her burdens. It is beautifully written. Jennifer's style is wonderfully evocative -- drawing you into the scene as though you were sitting next to Kate as she works through her own thoughts.

~Read the full review and interview with me by Karen Price at Self-Rescuing Princess Society.

"The dialogue, attention to detail, and Ms. Thorson's snatches of humor are authentic."

I hope you'll read Lunch in the Park, you'll love it, and you'll feel the overwhelming urge to write a review on one or more of the sites above. And of course I'd love to hear from you here on the blog, or on my Facebook page.

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