13 May 2013

Riverdale Park Farmers' Market, post at The DC Moms

I have a new post up about one of my local farmers' markets at The DC Moms.  Do you shop at producer markets?

At three o’clock in the afternoon, when the market opens, it’s a great place to get fresh produce,meats, cheeses, breads and other goodies. RPFM is a producer only market, so you can chat with the farmers about what they sell.  It’s also a good place for an afternoon pick-me-up: iced coffee from Zekes, or fresh lemonade from Migue’s Donuts, or ice cream from Simple Pleasures. I hand my kids a few dollars and make them order their own treats, after we’ve rehearsed the “please and thank-you.” They like to help pick out berries, corn, greens, melons, and apples as they come into season.  If there’s something perfectly ripe they want to eat it right away . . . 

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