29 November 2014

A Plea for Slightly Less Stuff for Christmas

I have too much stuff. My kids have too much stuff. I sent this out to my family a week ago. 

Dear Family,

Although they don't realize it yet, Bird and Airplane are two very lucky kids because they have all of you who love them very much, and who provide them with fantastic presents. The boys have plenty of stuff, even after several sessions of sorting out toys, some of which have been donated and some of which are stored in my closet so they'll be more exciting on a rainy day.

This year, as you think about Christmas presents, I hope you'll consider giving experiences instead of stuff. Ideally the experiences would be with you, of course, but if that's not possible then gift certificates will allow us to take the boys.  I have a short list of suggestions, but it's hardly inclusive. If you have something in mind but aren't sure if the boys would like it, please ask.

1. A trip or a membership to the National Aquarium
2. A trip or membership to Port Discovery. This is one of the places that the boys mention most often when asked what they would like to do on a day off.
3. A trip to the movies. Here is a link to our favorite multiplex.
6. A tour of Washington DC on a duck bus.

If you prefer to give stuff, the boys both love to make art. Airplane has been drawing lots of pictures and writing short letters to his friends, so a gift of colored pencils and stationery is likely to come back to you via the USPS. Bird loves constructing art, so glue, pipe cleaners, popsicle sticks and similar items would be popular. 

And of course both boys love books. Bird is a strong independent reader, loves adventure stories and anything silly.  Airplane loves being read to, especially if the book has great pictures. Both boys enjoy longer books to read aloud a chapter (or two) at a time at bedtime.  I've added several books to their Amazon wish list.

much love,
Bread, Wine, Salt

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