18 October 2010

A cheating post after an unproductive weekend.

Chocolate Pie

Not that unproductive is always a bad thing, mind you.

I was out of town for the weekend, and without phone, internet or television. I didn't even have a chance to work in a kitchen. (I would have been baking communion bread, but there was a communication breakdown and I didn't know my services were needed. We used leftover dinner rolls instead.)

I was going to bring my laptop and work on a buff and polish of an old essay from my personal archives to share with you, but I brought my sewing machine with me instead. I am more fluent with words than with thread, and my time might have been better spent at the keyboard, but I had a project that needed to be finished. (It's not finished. I keep running into problems. I'm tempted to blame the machine, but it's probably me.)

So instead of something new and thought provoking I offer this, my most viewed picture on Flickr. If you Google "chocolate pie recipe" and look at images it is on page 11. For reasons beyond my ken, every week a few people scroll past 11 pages of gorgeous photos and click on my picture.

Obviously this is a store bought crust, but the filling is straight from Heidi over at 101Cookbooks. It's easy and delicious and very chocolate.

1 comment:

  1. I've almost made this before ... S. is a big chocolate-pie lover.



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