20 October 2010

What's for Lunch

I had to assemble enough food to hold a toddler through lunch.  It had to keep at room temperature and all fit inside one container since I am the queen of losing container parts.

Aaron's Morning

The wrap on the top is whole wheat with avocado inside, and the foil packet on the bottom is a peanut butter and jelly wrap which I kept isolated because I didn't know what the allergy situation was at the sitter's house today.

The container is a Ziploc from Target.  I like these a lot.

I present it here as part of "What's For Lunch" Wednesday."  It's pretty typical of what goes into a packed lunch for the small folks around here, though if I were going to show you a truly typical lunch there would be mini-ravioli and mixed veggies in there.  Maybe next week.  If you have to feed small kids, or if you have to feed yourself lunch on a regular basis I recommend checking out the adorable lunches over there.  Some of them are super-simple and much, much cuter than mine.


  1. *impressed* ... I pack Ian a sandwich and a carrot for lunch almost every day ... I'm feeling both unimaginative and stingy, now! (Though truth be told, sometimes he *still* comes home with his lunch only half-eaten ... even though I don't pack a whole lot.)

  2. Hey, if Ian is happy and getting enough to eat then you have no worries on that front. This really was for all morning, since Aaron was at the sitter and then playgroup from 8:30-1:00, and both of my boys are bottomless pits. (I am going to be in huge trouble when they hit the teenage eating stage.)



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