03 January 2011

Music Monday: When You Go

Is Music Monday a thing? Google tells me it's a twitter thing, but it doesn't appear to be a blog thing. But I'm making it a blog thing, or my blog thing, or my blog thing today.

I don't remember exactly how I discovered singer/ songwriter/ geek lord Jonathan Coulton. But I've been a fan of his for several years now. He's a internet rock star, the first internet rock star in fact, and perhaps the most successful. In addition to selling his songs on his blog and performing in venues around the country he releases all of his music under a Creative Commons license, which means that so long as you're not trying to make a profit you're welcome to cover his music, make videos of his music, or record his live shows. It's a part of what makes him awesome, and it means that you can spend a lot of time on YouTube going from song to song getting a feel for his music. He writes a lot of silly geeky songs and a lot of songs that resonate with the silly geek I was, and am.

“When You Go” is a song about loss, and on his blog JoCo says not necessarily romantic. I knew that already because I hear all kinds of loss in the lyrics, and romantic loss is the least meaningful of them.
While my life in flux everything gets stirred up, including some losses of my own, so this song, which always gets me, is especially poignant for me right now.

(And no, none of my current life changes involve romantic loss. )

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