21 September 2011

A tibit

A hearty welcome to Maud's readers. She's right. This space is sadly neglected.  I actually have a couple of posts in the hopper though, including one about Swedish Meatballs that will be ready just as soon as *someone* gets the photos processed.  Ahem.

In the meantime you might enjoy the following posts which seem appropriate to the changing weather:

An easy, delicious chili cornbread casserole for when you need to take something to a potluck, or you want to make something on Sunday that you can portion out for lunches during the week.
A lovely, moist but not oily, carrot cake, great for birthdays and any cake requiring occasions.
And finally this Red Kidney Bean Stew is perfect for miserable days when you think it might never stop raining or be warm again.  It's so good it will make the sun shine in your house.  (Maybe)

I hope you enjoy these, and that you'll come back for the meatballs (ooh, and there's cheesecake coming soon, too.  You don't want to miss that, do you?)

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