28 September 2011

What's for Lunch: Eggs, Veggies and Dip

Lunch for 1 adult and 2 preschoolers
lunch for 1 adult and 2 preschoolers

This is how I get my kids to eat vegetables.* Snack at preschool tends to be fruit and some kind of simple carb.  I'm not thrilled by this, but as that's the only thing about that school that doesn't thrill me I try not to whine too much. Snack yesterday was white rice, soy sauce and pineapple, today was canteloupe and cheese quesadilla.  I try to make lunch focus on veggies since I know the starchy carbs will reappear at afternoon snack (today I made lemon millet muffins) and possibly again at dinner.  

This box provides 1 hard cooked egg per person, lots of veggies and some ranch dressing for dip.  My older son, who rarely eats all the way through a hard cooked egg dipped his egg in the dressing and ate it all, along with a good number of veggies.  Dip is a good way to lure unsure eaters to their vegetables.  If you choose or make a dip with quality ingredients the bit of fat it adds will not only make the vegetables more palatable it will make the fat soluble vitamins in the veggies more available during digestion. 

*Note: this has nothing to do with how you might get your kids to eat vegetables. I know kids who would eat this whole box by themselves and kids who would starve rather than touch even the outside of this box.

Bento Lunch
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