08 December 2010

What's for Lunch Wednesday: Quesadillas

Can someone better at photography than I am please explain why my sour cream is glowing? I promise it wasn't really glowing.

Black bean and cheddar quesadillas on whole wheat tortillas, served with salsa and sour cream. Beans were cooked as described here. Everything else was store-bought. This was more than enough for the four-year-old, the 18-month-old and the spare toddler. The container is Ziploc brand.

I don't pack many lunches these days. Older is only in school half-days and I'm at home during the day. Wednesdays are my only consistent lunch-packing days, as that's the lunchtime playgroup day. The lunches at playgroup vary widely, from nutritionally balanced to "Here, eat some raisins and goldfish." Honestly if I weren't posting lunches here I'd probably serve ravioli every week, and it's possible that the fruit wouldn't always be part of the plan. It's not that I don't serve my kids a variety of foods, it's that I don't always have great planning skills. (And by "great" I mean "baseline adequate.")

Long term, no one meal matters all that much. It's important to get kids in the habit of eating healthful foods every day, and it's important to offer a variety of foods, even if you think the kids won't eat them. The only way "strange" becomes "familiar" is through repetition. But it doesn't matter if any one meal, or even any one day, is balanced and complete. A varied diet over the course of a week will balance itself out. (So long as varied here means a variety of wholesome foods, not a variety of pretzels and oreos.)

The plan was to have quesadillas for dinner last night. But I didn't get the black beans cooking early enough to pull that off. (Yes, I should know this about myself and keep some cooked beans in the freezer for emergencies, but I don't. See above re: "baseline adequate.") So the boys had ravioli and veggies for dinner and I made up quesadillas after bedtime so that I wouldn't have to deal with lunch today. It worked out well since I had a spare toddler at my house today, and trying to sort out lunches on top of sorting out toddlers might have been beyond me.

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