03 November 2010

What's for Lunch: mini-ravioli

Okay, so there's no recipe here. It's just boiling and slicing so we can get to the playground. The mini-ravioli are from Trader Joe's and are very popular around here. As you can see, the toddler couldn't even wait for me to take a picture before he snatched a sample. They cook in 15 minutes. I just put the frozen peas in the colander and drain the cooked ravioli over them. This warms the peas and helps cool off the ravioli so it's ready to eat or cover for transport. Sides today were a clementine and half an apple. The container is a Ziploc I found at Target.

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Bento Lunch


  1. What's in the ravioli? Just cheese?

  2. Yes, just cheese, and they're dried so they're pantry friendly.



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