01 November 2011

Does every day mean EVERY day?

I'm pretty sure trying to post something every day will end in tears (mine from stress and yours from boredom), but a solid percentage of the uncool kids are doing it (the cool kids don't need to do it because they already have readers.)  So I shall dip my toe in the water and see what happens.

I made a chickpea curry tonight (more on that later) and needed two onions cut in large dice.  My v-slicer is perfect for that task, but I hate (and/or lost) the guard that is supposed to hold the food and protect my hands from being sliced by the many sharp blades.  Fortunately I have watched enough Alton Brown to know that the correct answer is a pair of Kevlar gloves.

I bought mine from Amazon in a size Large which are just the right size for my perfectly average sized hands.  (I think they're average.  Nora, do I have meat hands and no one has told me?  And remember, this is for posterity, so be honest.)  They are not perfect.  I managed to cut a small hole in them by taking my serrated and quite sharp long knife and pulling the glove across it with great vigor.  If I were ever to try that trick with my hand in the glove, well, I'd deserve what I got, quite frankly.  But for holding an onion while I run it across a mandoline or for holding onto ginger while I grate it on a microplane the gloves are fantastic, well worth the money I spent on them.  They do need to go in the wash to be properly cleaned, but there are two of them, they're ambidextrous and I only need one at a time, so it's not a big deal.

Other food news today: 

I managed to make a cup of tea so strong my Irish guest couldn't finish it.  (Enormous American-sized tea bag plus a small child who prevented me from removing the bag from the cup on time.) 

I managed to randomly throw together a place of edible things to restore a guest who felt a bit wobbly.  I would like to be confident in my ability to put together a plate of things anytime a visitor arrives, but I'm not.  As it happened I made a trip to the grocery store this morning and was well stocked.


  1. Speaking honestly (for posterity), I've always been jealous of your hands, which seem correctly sized and proportioned, and do not have weird curvy fingers or big knobby knuckles.

    My own personal problem with gloves is that when I find a pair that are small fit correctly around the palm, the fingers are usually too short.

  2. I will cop to having been both those guests. The plate of good simple fare was perfect, and the tea reminded me of home.

    I look forward to reading every day. I'm not doing it, but will aim for my usual 5 or 6 posts a week, which I'm pretty happy with.

  3. Kevlar gloves. Genius.

    I have been sucking at posting lately. Luckily much better at reading ... so looking forward to your posts!



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