28 November 2010

Silent Sunday: Making Guacamole


  1. Okay, if I comment, will you post again?

    Seriously, though, I love this picture. The concentration, the cooperation, the men cooking... It's the sort of notion you have in your head of what a perfect Sunday afternoon will look like some day in the future when your kids are old enough not to just swipe everything off the table.

    And yet, it still doesn't happen in my house. I must be doing something wrong. Again.

  2. It's hard to post when you keep making sandwiches and spaghetti. I'm fairly sure no one wants to read about my spaghetti. Plus I'm adapting to a new camera and all of my pictures are weird. I finally decided I'd rather post weird pictures than none at all.

    Does B. cook at all? If not, that might explain why he and Monkey don't cook together. Perhaps B. can teach Monkey about washing up. Certainly Monkey will find that skill useful later.

    Next time you think you're doing something wrong, come over and look at the state of my floors. You'll feel better about yourself instantly.



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