10 November 2010

What's for Lunch

My lunches are pretty plain. The four-year-old got leftovers (his request) today and the toddler and I got more ravioli. Some of the lunches over at What's for Lunch are so much prettier and more creative than mine, but I still post my pictures. I have two reasons. The first is you, dear reader, who probably came here from there. I love checking my stats after I post a lunch box, because it means I can see the map light up with visitors from all over. The other reason is that I enjoy looking at the lunches so much, even the ones which aren't pretty, that I feel like I ought to share something of mine in return.

So here is what we had for lunch today. If you're a visitor or you've been lurking, please take a minute to say hello.

LeftoversPinto beans, cornbread, peas, apple ginger muffin

Oh, look, more
raviolicheese ravioli and mixed veggies, apples, pound cake

Containers are Ziploc brand.

Bento Lunch


  1. Pintos and corn bread, a great combo!

  2. The muffin (later; not the one in the picture, because I did not steal your four-year-old's lunch) was yummy. Was that the recipe from the A Walk in the Woods post?

  3. It was the same recipe, except I subbed an egg for the flax seed and water, and I used oil instead of butter.

  4. I don't think your lunches are plain. Sunbutter and jam every day (which is what I. requests) ... now THAT's plain!



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